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Universal Axis, a multimedia architecture firm assists clients with their business concerns, including website design, internet marketing (email marketing) and multimedia presentations.


Website Design
Universal Axis hosts a group of creative and talented designers gifted in website design and copywriting for the web.

Digital Cards
Advertising one's business remains simple with the aid of a custom-produced CD showcase, CD business card or digital brochure.

Do you have a story to tell or simply want to market your secrets to soap making? Whatever the topic, the electronic or digital book can help you inform or entertain in a dynamic fashion.

Reaching potential customers, tracking internet traffic and exploring profiles and demographics all mean increased business. 

Web Hosting
Universal Axis specializes in providing web hosting and domain services for small to medium businesses.

Digital Brochures
Avoid the high printing costs associated with developing your company brochure while reaching a broader target market. A digital brochure is a great way to engage and impact your audience by utilizing dynamic elements in your design.

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